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A hydroquinone developer suitable for recycling. A process for recycling a spent hydroquinone developer for black-and-white photographic processing which

Process for removing impurities from residual silicon powder

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Operations for Wastes and Recyclable Materials - Baling

Equipment Technology and Operations for Wastes and Recyclable Materials - Baling Equipment - Safety Requirements for Installation, Maintenance and Operation

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Consumer Updates - Curriculum Vitae: Francisco Xavier

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Waste Recycling Water Wastewater - Model B046R03 and B046R13 - Mobile more efficiency and higher productivity during

The Impact of State and Local Policies on the Recycling Effort

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Rubber Tire Leachates in the Aquatic Environment

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Table 1. Recycling rates

Table 1:Explaining the variation in recycling rates across the UK[†] Andrew Abbotta* Shasikanta Nandeibamb Lucy O’Sheab a Business School,

Alternative Technologies for Freshwater Augmentation in

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Accumulation and Biological Cycling of Microelements in

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Recovering fluorspar from waste hydrofluoric acid.(Environment and recycling)

Order-to-Disorder Transitions in BECN1 Regulate

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